Carey Family Tree-Who Are the Carey’s?


John Carey came to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in the 1630’s from Bristol, England.  He married Elizabeth Godfrey from Duxbury, Massachusetts, and founded Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where he is buried.  According to his monument he was the first Latin teacher in the colonies.  He and Elizabeth had many children and have many descendants.  Some moved west into Conneticut; and one of those, Ebenezer, made his way to Kentucky in the early settling of that state.

Who were the Carey’s?  According to the Domesday Book they arrived in England with William the Conqueror and can be found in Normandy, France, where they connect to the early Viking invaders from Norway as well as other tribes in the area. Starting at the beginning, we’ll follow their footsteps from the shadowy mists of ancient Norway to Normandy to England to the United States to Kentucky.  This first Part deals with Norway.  To this I have added Denmark, Germany, and Normandy and Bretagne, France.  Recently I have also added England to the site.  Scroll down the family tree to England for this section.  Other Parts will come later.

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